The first esports betting app
made for gamers.

The first esports betting app made for gamers. Available now on mobile & PC (coming soon!)The first esports betting app made for gamers. Available on mobile & PC (coming soon!).


Tilt Gaming isn’t your average betting app. Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience: level up & win rewards, unlock perks to customize your gaming style, prove yourself through daily challenges and much more. Here, you do more than betting, you play.


Enjoy the game along with your friends and thousands of players around the world. Join a Faction, become stronger together, share tips & insights on upcoming matches, challenge other players, climb the leaderboard... Engage. Challenge. Conquer.


Discover a betting experience where you play directly against other players, not against an all-powerful house. We don’t set the odds, you do. Make the best predictions, face the rest of the community, unleash your full potential.

Bet on your favourite team's victory, on the player who will draw First Blood or get the Most Kills, & much more!

Real money bets

Start by exchanging real money (€, $ etc) for Credits, usable to place your bets. When you win a bet, you win Credits, which you can in turn use to play again or convert in your currency and withdraw at any time.

Live in a place where real money betting isn’t allowed? No worries! Our Lite Edition offers most of our features for free! Enjoy the game & win rewards without spending a dime.

Build your own way to the top

Get experience points with every bet you place, whether you win or lose. In time, level up and unlock talents to customize your gaming style to your liking. Want to lvl up faster or get improved rewards? Just pick the right talent!

Show off your skills to the rest of the community by climbing the leaderboard. The best players will receive powerful boosts every month.

Level up, unlock special Talents & Abilities, customize the app to your needs!
Pick a Faction to meet other players

Join a Faction

Whether you’re a try-hard or a casual player, whether you’re into destroying others in PVP or just having fun with friends, there’s a Faction for you.

Each Faction comes with its perks & quirks, which will make your gaming experience truly unique.

Twice a year, face other Factions in tournaments to determine the Faction of the Season, and win special rewards!

Challenge your friends

Don’t agree with your friends on the outcome of a particular game? Face them 1v1 to see who wins and who loses!

Taunt your opponent with Emotes, trick them with unlockable Abilities & win their Tilt Tokens!

Challenge your friends and the rest of the community in 1v1 matches!
Unlock skins, emotes and win gift cards for your favorite video games. League of Legends, Steam, Instant Gaming

Win rewards (in addition to real money!)

Head to our Store to unlock skins for your character, animated emotes to taunt players in PVP, and even gift cards for your favorite video games!

Our Store’s currency isn’t real money: it works with Tilt Tokens, which you can get by leveling up, picking certain talents or by defeating other players in PVP.

The Store is also available in our Lite Edition (entirely free!)

Yes, we’re crazy generous like that.

Give back to the community

Support your favorite streamers so they can keep making high-quality content. Donate to selected charities to help them achieve tangible, impactful goals.

Everytime you win a bet, you can choose to donate a percentage of your winnings to give back to the people who work everyday to make the gaming & esports world a little bit better.

And for every donation you make, we’ll match it.

You can donate part of your winnings to charities or streamers, and we match each of your donations!

Try it for free, help us improve!

Join our Discord to learn more details about our features, including the many ones we haven’t mentionned here. Your feedback is precious to us, and it gives you a chance to help tailor the app to your needs.

Want to try it out? Contact us to learn how you can get a free demo!

Meet our Team

We’re entrepreneurs & professionals from the esports world, we’ve got years of experience in the betting industry and we’ve successfully brought to life ambitious projects in the past.

But what matters most about us is we’re gamers & esports enthusiasts, and as such, we believe to be the best-suited team to create the first esports betting app that gamers will truly enjoy.

Our team of gamers & esports enthusiats!

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What do we mean by 'you set the odds'?

Tilt Gaming works without bookmakers. We use a system called pool betting (or pari mutuel), which has been used for decades in horse racing and is PvP-like : you don't bet against the house, you bet against each other.

The odds fluctuate according to each and every player's bets and they will stop fluctuating once the bet closes at the official start of the match (= final odds).

How are your winnings calculated?

Your winnings are calculated by sharing the betting pool amongst all winning bets, in proportion to your stake : if you win, the final odds will simply be applied as a multiplier on the amount you wagered.

How do we make our money then?

We make our money by taking a small commission on all bets placed. Which means our revenue doesn't rely on you losing (as it unfortunately does on the majority of betting apps).

That way, we don't have any conflict of interest: we simply want to see you play.